Our CNC turning machines are all equipped with bar feeders. We also have fixed & mobile robots that allow production without operator.


In addition to the horizontal & vertical milling machines 5-axis simultaneous milling is also possible.


EDM is a machining operation based on spark erosion by energizing a metal wire. This allows us to create specific shapes that are not as accurate with turning or milling movements.


By performing a combination of turning & milling complex parts can be produced in 1 setup. A method that guarantees extremely high accuracy.


Here we transform customer 3D drawings into CNC programs to produce spare parts. Starting from an existing part we make a drawing followed by the production of an identical part.


Our final control department is equipped with 3D controlled CMMs and makes a detailed final inspection report for each part produced. At the request of the customer this report can be sent with the shipment.


We are also happy to help you for grinding blasting pressing tapping welding sawing & measuring rough values.